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About Us

Your eyes are a vehicle for experiencing the world around you, and a window into your overall health. Who you trust your eye care to is critical – and we take that responsibility of caring for your eyes to heart.

Our Story

Dr. Jeff Long has always had the goal to provide great old fashioned personal service with state-of-the-art equipment. It seems that finding good service is getting more and more difficult. With the current climate of rising costs and declining insurance reimbursements the trend of being herded through like cattle is all too common. But, not at Dr. Long’s! After discovering a life-threatening tumor behind a child’s eye, Dr. Long knows that a thorough eye examination isn’t just about prescribing glasses or contacts; it can literally save a person’s life.

Dr. Long founded his practice to provide the most thorough eye examinations and the most compassionate patient care. Proudly, he practices alongside his sons, other family, friends, and work family who share his passion and purpose for providing the highest quality eye care to people of all ages from 6 months to 100 years plus. If you are frustrated with feeling like a number, not a person, we invite you to experience the difference we bring to your eye care.

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